Microsoft has imposed a strict ban on removing the built-in Edge browser on the Chromium engine. A web browser is being developed to replace the obsolete Edge, introduced back in 2015 with the release of Windows 10, to replace Internet Explorer. Previously, Microsoft released a trial version of Edge Chromium, but the latest version is tightly “sewn” into the operating system.

Delete Edge Chromium, as before, will fail – the program is neither in the “Control Panel” nor in the settings section dedicated to applications. Previously, deletion was possible throughout the entire testing phase of the browser, but if you install its stable version on Windows 10 build 1903 (18362.418) or later, this function becomes inaccessible to ordinary users.

Chromium-based Edge will replace the current version of Edge in a major spring update of Windows 10 20H1. In the update, which is scheduled for late November, the classic version of the Edge browser will still remain.

At the same time, Edge based on Chromium is still in beta and lacks a number of add-ons and services, because for stable operation it should be as lightweight as possible. So, Microsoft deprived Edge of the app store, incognito mode, geolocation, notifications, ad blocking, online translator and other useful options.



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