In addition to the new smartphones of the Pixel 4 family, the search giant also introduced its own counterpart to Apple AirPods – Google Pixel Buds. Thanks to specially designed 12-mm speakers, they, as the manufacturer promises, provide excellent sounding of your favorite music, podcasts, radio and much more. The Adaptive Sound function intelligently adjusts the volume of what a person is listening to – you do not have to constantly increase or decrease the volume when moving from a quiet room to the subway or a noisy cafe.

When talking on the phone or at a meeting, there will also be no problems. Microphones with the beam forming function focus on the user’s voice, and voice accelerometers determine speech by the vibration of the jawbone, so a noisy street or a windy day will not interfere with the conversation thanks to special Google algorithms.

Not forgotten and the functions of the voice assistant. It’s enough to say “Ok Google” on the go and ask the Google Assistant for everything you need – to increase the volume, send a quick text message, get directions on the ground or even request a translation on the fly from another language using Google Translate.



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